Research in Congo (DRC)

In 2012 we supported the change of the existing Kivufone project of Radio Maendeleo in Bukavu into the FemmeauFone project, directly geared towards and implemented by women.

Monitoring of FemmeauFone project in Eastern Congo

During the Femme au Fone project Sensemapping was used as a means to monitor the progress of the project, the growing outreach and response as well as the influence of the radio programs and campaigns.

Baseline study for (multi-) media development in Rwanda, Burundi

In 2015 we udertook a baseline study for an envisaged multi-media project In Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DRC.

Evaluation of a multi-country human security project

In Burundi, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Suda, South Sudan and Uganda we evaluated (with a team of international and local evaluators) a multi-pronged human security project, combining water and sanitation as well as food security with peace-building efforts.